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Duct Cleaning For Municipal and Commercial Buildings

Nov 30, 2022 | air ducts, cleaning

What You Should Know When You Schedule Duct Cleaning for Your Business

We receive requests for air duct cleaning from many people with many types of buildings. Residential buildings – homes and apartments – have been the most common, but many businesses are also contacting us. If you have a commercial or municipal building, the process of scheduling an air duct cleaning is a little bit different. How so? Let’s take a look.

When To Schedule

When we do duct cleaning for a home, we can come in any time. For businesses, it requires more planning. The process of duct cleaning is time consuming, uses specialized equipment, and can be rather loud. These are not conducive to doing business. This means if you want your commercial building’s air ducts cleaned, you need to plan for a time when this won’t interfere with customers.

The best times may not be during typical office hours. Consider days off, when you would otherwise only have custodial staff in the building. You could also schedule for before or after office hours, when no customers will be in the building. Since these will be times you might not normally have people in the office, you will need to make special arrangements for our team to have access to the building, including having someone trusted to supervise the cleaning.

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Extra Time Consideration.

Additionally, businesses often have larger ventilation systems than is typical of homes. This makes them more time intensive. It’s best to plan with this in mind. If your commercial or municipal building is particularly large, plan on us needing to take extra time to get it all done.

Prep Work

For businesses, some of the prep work is different for homes. For one thing, an office will likely have more equipment, such as computers. These will need to be covered to protect them. Some equipment or furniture may need to be moved so our cleaners can have access to the vents. The vents themselves may have different designs that will require special procedures for us to clean. It’s probably necessary for us to come in ahead of time to make sure we know what procedures to plan.

What Types of Businesses Benefit Most From Duct Cleaning?

So far, our business clients have been with warehouses, dentist offices and government outbuildings, but other commercial spaces may benefit from duct cleaning as well.

1. Dentist and Doctor Offices

Cleanliness is important for medical services. Having good air will help patients feel more comfortable and healthy. Our duct sanitizing system will also help kill off bacteria and viruses in your ducts, reducing the spread of disease.

2. Municipal Buildings With A Lot of Local Traffic

Municipal offices have a lot of people going in and out. Especially during the winter seasons, when flu is going around, this means they’re bringing in their sniffles. Cleaning out the air ducts will make sure that sickness is less likely to spread through the air after other office cleaning is completed.

3. Warehouses

Warehouses gather a lot of dust, what with lots of boxes of goods coming and going and employees walking around. The janitorial staff might be doing its best, but the scope of the building means they can’t get it all. If your warehouse has any ventilation system at all, dust is going to get in it. Having us clean it out will mean better air quality and improved comfort of the warehouse staff, who can then be more productive.

Give Us A Call

Duct cleaning is one of those things that often goes overlooked. Since we rarely see the inside of our ducts, it’s out of sight, out of mind. While we may not see it, dust and grim will still build up. Since your ducts connect to every room in your building, dirty ducts will spread the dust everywhere. Air filters on your vents can reduce this, but they need to be replaced regularly, another task that people tend to forget. Even with the best efforts, dust will build slowly over time. This is why we recommend having your air ducts cleaned at least once every three years – possibly more for older buildings with less efficient air filters and ventilation systems.

air duct cleaning before and afterIf you’re running a commercial or municipal building, this may require some extra planning. More complicated ventilation systems may need extra time, and you want to schedule it so that the job doesn’t disrupt regular hours. We at Easy Breezy are more than happy to work around your needs.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your ducts cleaned – if you can’t remember the last time it was done, as many of our customers tell us – then give us a call. We’ll help you set up an appointment that works around your schedule. We’ll get those ducts cleaned out so you can breathe easy in your office!


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