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We’re all about quality air duct and carpet cleaning in Cache Valley and for good reasons too.

Dust. Allergens. Pet dander. Construction debris. Juice stains. Pet urine. Foot traffic. Ice melt. Mud and dirt. All these and more settle in our air ducts and onto our carpets. All from normal everyday living.

No one likes the extra dust blown around the house, the pervasive smell that can come with it, or the itchy allergens that trouble throats and sinuses. No one likes to smell, see, or feel the stains beneath their feet. With regular quality carpet and air duct cleaning, that can all be a problem of the past.

We help those who love the smell of clean air in their home, those who want to breathe easier. Those who love the inviting look to clean carpets and want to feel comfortable walking barefoot. Those who like their carpet and air duct system to have better quality and last longer.

We work with homeowners, property managers, and businesses breath easy with air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning in the greater Cache County area and SE Idaho, including Logan Utah, Brigham City, Bear Lake, Smithfield, Preston and surrounding areas.

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Easy Breezy Pros

Some might say we’re a bit obsessive. We prefer to say we’re “conscientiously clean.”

We understand the value of a clean carpet and clean air ducts, and what it means to breathe easy.

We go beyond just cleaning the air ducts. We clean the vent covers, surrounding baseboards, diagnose potential problems, etc., and we help take care of it all.

We want to be your resource for cleaning the gross, disgusting, hidden parts of your home. 

The Easy Breezy team is your go-to for removing these pollutants from your air ducts and carpets.

We are also IICRC Certified carpet cleaners and are consistently learning more to be the most effective when it comes to providing the quality cleaning our customers know and love.


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Who we are

Our Story

When we started in 2020 in Logan, Utah, we wanted a local family business to teach our children the value of work and how to interact with customers.

It just so happens that we valued air duct and carpet cleaning due to the allergies we have experienced in our home. Even when we had top-rated companies come in to clean our ducts or carpets, there seemed to be something missing; always little things that we would like to see in our home. 

So we started cleaning due to the satisfaction we like to see and how many benefits can help the customer enjoy their home.

We even encourage our customers to watch what comes out of the air ducts, vents, and carpets as we clean so you can enjoy the cleaning process as well. 

See it in action and know for yourself just how effective our process is and enjoy breathing easy in your home with quality cleaning of your air ducts and carpets!

Our Vision

To see every home in our area enjoy the kind of clean, fresh air we get in our own home thanks to our services.

Our Mission

To help everyone breathe easier knowing there’s no hidden dust ruining the air in their homes.

How It All Started

With a brushless cleaning system, a specialty santizer system, and a dream of cleaner air for everyone!