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Air Duct Cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning

For Home & Business

The overall purpose of an air duct cleaning is to help the health of you and your family living in your home, with added perks of reducing dust and unwanted smells.

There are many benefits to high-quality air duct cleaning. From reducing the amount of dust you have to clean regularly to less problems with allergies in the home.  Cache Valley’s air quality is well-known for not being the best due to allergens, inversions, and much more.  Anyone who suffers from allergies knows that it can be utterly miserable to deal with.

These air issues don’t stay just outside either. They seep into our homes and offices, then spread around through the HVAC and ductwork. Unfortunately, it takes more than changing the filter to handle it properly. 

That’s where Easy Breezy Pros’ air duct cleaning services come in!  Many customers report breathing easier, experiencing less allergy problems, saving money on heating & cooling, and having a general clean air smell throughout the home.

Centrally located near Logan, Utah, we service Cache County, Bear Lake, Brigham City, and SE Idaho areas for both residential and commercial air duct cleaning services.


Residential Air Duct Cleaning

When we come to your home for a cleaning, we have two goals in mind:

1. To get the air duct system working as close to brand new as possible; and

2. To not leave a mess for you and your family to worry about.

We want you to be able to relax and enjoy yourselves, not stress about a mess. We can clean out pet dander, dust, allergens, toys, food, bugs, and anything else previous owners or tenants left behind. We use a combination of compressed air and vacuum suction to clean out each vent one at a time. Each vent cover is also cleaned, making it clean from the inside out.
If you’re experiencing difficulty with allergies, or you’re tired of the dust, or if you just moved into a new home, give us a call.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

We know how important it is to keep your office building clean. When you start seeing dust on the outside of vent covers, you want that taken care of.

Unfortunately, it’s not just on the outside. When you want to make sure your office is clean for your team and your customers, you cannot skip the air ducts. Using a combination of compressed air and vacuum suction we clean each vent, one at a time.

We also take time to cover sensitive equipment (i.e. computers, printers, specific tools to your industry, etc.) to ensure that those stay clean.  If you’re concerned about the air quality in your building, give us a call for a free inspection and quote.

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