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 Why Cache Valley Needs Carpet Cleaning for Spring 2023

Mar 10, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, cleaning

You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning For Your Home or Business

Spring is coming. If I keep saying it, it will eventually be true. This was a crazy winter. La Niña hit us hard, dumping more snow on us than I’ve seen in years. With so many snowstorms, the plows and salters were out in force trying to keep the roads safe. This is terrible for your carpets. That’s why Easy Breezy Pros is proud to announce our newest service: carpet cleaning.

Carpets Are Like A Filter

white carpet gone grey from lack of carpet cleaningOne of the great reasons for carpets is they help keep the air in your house clean. How? Well carpets are a great trap for dust and dirt. Electrostatic forces will make the carpet fibers attract any dust you bring into the house on your shoes, keeping it out of the air you breathe. However, like any filter, there is a limit to how much dust it can hold. Once too much dust builds up, it can’t hold any more and walking on the carpet just kicks the dust into the air. You have to regularly clean them if you want them to do their job.

Why You Need Carpet Cleaning

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, I vacuum every week. Why do I need more than that?” And it’s good to vacuum every week. It helps get the loose dirt in your carpet so you aren’t kicking it up when you walk around. It’s just not enough.

As you walk on the carpet, the dirt and dust gets ground in. As the water evaporates, it hardens into sharp crystals that will cut the fibers of your carpets. This damages them and shortens the overall life-span of the carpet. These crystals are deep in the carpet and embed themselves in the fibers. They can’t just be vacuumed out. You need special carpet cleaning shampoos to break down the dirt so it can be sucked up again. This is why regular professional carpet cleaning is a must.

When The Carpets Need Cleaningsad puppy with stain on carpet

There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all advice for when you should get your carpets cleaned. It really depends on how much traffic your carpets see. If you’ve got lots of kids and pets who run all throughout the house, they’ll be trampling dirt in more often. In this case, you might need your carpets cleaned more often if you really want them to last. Generally, however, the best recommendation is at least twice a year.

The first time you want to get your carpets cleaned is in the spring. Over the winter, all the chemicals from the roads – especially the salt – will get on your shoes and you’ll track it into the house. These chemicals are terrible on your carpet fibers, making damage from hardened dirt crystals even worse. Cleaning your carpets in the spring will remove all those nasty chemicals. Since you’re already doing spring cleaning, it’s convenient to schedule a visit along with everything else you’re already doing.

The second time you should clean your carpets is in the fall. After the spring cleaning, you’ve got three whole seasons of building up dust and dirt from outside. It’s good to clean the carpets to remove all that before winter comes. You don’t want to be trapped indoors with dusty, dirty air from unclean carpets.

Give Easy Breezy Pros A Call

easy breezy pros logoWith spring coming soon, you’ll be needing to clean out your carpets. You want to breathe easy in your own home and we’re dedicated to helping you do that. We now offer carpet cleaning along with duct cleaning. Together, these two services will help you have fresh, clean air in your home. If you need to have your carpets cleaned, then get in touch with us today!