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May 9, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, cleaning

The Details Make the Difference in Our Cleaning Process

Spring is finally here to stay and that means spring cleaning. Part of that will be carpet cleaning. There’s a process to cleaning carpets and you follow it for a reason. You don’t just come in with the carpet cleaning machine and start spraying soap. There are lots of details to be considered in every job and those details make all the difference.

carpet cleaning process in Cache Valley, UtahOur Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Evaluation

When it comes to cleaning carpets, it’s not as simple as just soaping up the carpet. Different kinds of stains require different cleaning solutions. The type of carpet may also require a specialized cleaner to do the job. These different situations also need different tools to make the cleaning most effective. So, before we can start cleaning, we have to evaluate the carpet.

Most of this can be done over the phone. You can tell us what spills you’ve had, about how big they are, and how long it’s been since they were last cleaned (hopefully no more than six months ago). This gives an idea of what we’ll be doing, and the on-site evaluation will help us determine how best to address the customer’s concerns.

2. Clearing the Area

Before we can actually clean your carpets, we have to clear the area of obstruction. You’d be surprised just how much dust builds up under your furniture, where you can’t dust or vacuum. We have to move the furniture out of the way so we make sure we get everything.

3. Pre-Cleaning

Before we begin the carpet treatment, we go over the carpet with our vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming will clear up the loose dust when it’s dry. If the dust is wet, it clumps together and it’s more work for the cleaners to remove. The pre-cleaning removes around 80% of the dust, letting the cleaners and their solutions get deeper into the carpets to remove the hardened and compacted dust that’s most damaging to your carpet.

4. Applying Treatment

This is the part where we apply the different treatments to solve the problems. We start with spot treating of large stains with the specialized cleaning solutions for those stains. As previously stated, different kinds of stains – spilled drinks, pet mess, food, etc – all have different chemical structures, so different solutions will target those types of stains better.

After the spot treatments, we use the carpet cleaners to apply a general cleaning solution to the whole carpet. This solution is meant to break up the hardened, crystalized dirt particles that cut and fray the carpet fibers, making your carpet look ratty.

5. Agitation

Once the basic solution is applied, we use an agitator extraction machine. The agitation shakes up the carpet and makes sure the solution is spread to every bit of dirt in the carpet it can get to. This way, nothing gets missed. The extractor uses the highest air pressure possible to remove any cleaning solution from the carpet once it’s done. If the solution isn’t properly removed, then carpets may develop a musty, mildewy smell. This also makes sure that the carpet dries faster.

6. Fan Dry

It’s important that your carpet be dried as quickly as possible once the job is finished. If it remains damp too long, there’s a possibility that it can get moldy. Also, a damp carpet will have more dirt stick to it, which makes the cleaning less effective. To make sure the carpets dry out quickly, we use air fans to evaporate the moisture and carry it out of the house. The agitation/extraction process aids in this, so between that and the fans, drying should take about an hour.

7. Final Inspection

Before we go, we get as much of the carpet dry as we can so we can do a final inspection. We go over every area we cleaned with the customer so they can see the work and notice anything more that needs to be cleaned. The final inspection can spot deep stains that need a second treatment and areas we might have missed. We want to make sure that the job is fully complete before we leave.

The Right Cleaning Process Is Essential

This process is a well-tested method. It isn’t a process we just made up, but took from experts who’ve mastered it before us. We’ve chosen this method because it’s the best way to make sure that you get all the dirt from carpets that we possibly can. That way, you won’t be kicking up dust by walking on your carpet any time soon. Regular cleaning like this will help your carpets last long and look newer. They will be a joy to walk on with bare feet.

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easy breezy pros logo duct cleaning and carpet cleaningYou should have your carpets cleaned at least twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. With the snow finally gone and the weather getting nicer, now is the best time to schedule a carpet cleaning job.

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