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Finding The Bad Smell

Jan 24, 2023 | air duct cleaning, air ducts, cleaning, sanitizing

When There’s A Bad Smell, We Help You Find The Cause

The aim of air duct cleaning is to help you enjoy fresh air in your home or office. Duct cleaning will help improve the air flow, giving you cleaner air to breathe. This will sometimes clear up bad smells, too, but on some occasions, the problem isn’t duct related at all. In those cases, we do our best to help you get rid of the smell, and when we can’t, we point you in the direction of someone who can.

Is Your Cleaning Service Doing Everything It Can?

There’s always a room you associate the bad smell you’ve noticed with. One room where the smell is at its most noticeable. When you call in a service to clean up your home to get rid of a bad smell, that company will almost always start with the room where the smell is strongest. They may even make the room stop stinking, too. The problem is, the room where the smell is strongest isn’t always the room where the smell is coming from. If your company only cleans up the rooms that smell without looking for the root cause, that smell will come back.

mouse poop found while cleaning air ductsIs the Smell In Your Air Ducts?

Sometimes, the source of the smell is in someplace you can’t even see. You’d be surprised by the things that can get into your air ducts. We’ve found everything from dead animals to human feces. In one case, we had a customer whose mother took care of stray cats and those cats found a way into the air ducts, where they urinated on everything. The cat smell was in every single room!

Sometime It’s Not Your Air Ducts That Smell

An interesting case we had was a man complaining about a terrible smell that he wanted cleaned out of his air ducts. Only, when we got there, we couldn’t find his air ducts. It turns out that his home wasn’t built with any. So, what was the source of the smell? Well, a sewage pipe had broken and spilled contaminated water into his basement crawlspaces, leading to mold and human waste building up and causing the smell.

When We Can’t Help, We’ll Find Someone Who Can

While our duct cleaning and sanitizing equipment can do a lot of good work, we can’t do everything. Sometimes, like in the previous case, the problem is something our equipment doesn’t do. But we won’t just leave you hanging. Not only will we do everything we can to trace the smell to its source, if it’s something we can’t clean ourselves, we’ll help you find someone who can. We can put you in touch with several businesses around Cache Valley to help clean up or repair things beyond our equipment. Plumbers for broken pipes, mold cleaning companies for bad infestations, construction crews for when duct-work needs replacing.

We do all we can to help and that includes helping you find the right people to solve your problem!

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Sometimes We Can Help Over The Phone

Often, we need to come out for an inspection to find the source of your trouble. There’s a small fee for an inspection (included in the cost of duct cleaning), but you won’t need to worry about being hit with a full charge if we can’t actually clean the mess. In fact, you may not even need to worry about the inspection fee at all!

There are some occasions where we can actually figure out the problem over the phone. We’re familiar with enough cases that sometimes just hearing you describe the problem over the phone we can work out what that problem is. In this case, we’ll help you get in contact with someone who can help free of charge!

There’s No One Better To Call

Because we go out of our way to find the source of your problem, you can trust that after calling us, the problem will get solved. It may not be us who solves it, but we’ll make sure that you find someone who does. Our dedication to making sure you get the fresh air you want in your home or office makes us the best choice for helping you get rid of those bad smells floating around.

So, if you’re not pleased with the air in your building, give us a call. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you can breathe easy!


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