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5 Reasons Why Our Air Duct Sanitization System Is Best

Mar 9, 2021 | air duct cleaning, air ducts, sanitizing

Air Duct Sanitization

Air duct sanitization is a great resource for homes and offices. After moving into a home or office it is recommended to clean the air ducts for many reasons. It will not only improve your HVAC system’s performance, but according to our clients it makes breathing better on multiple levels. We like to include sanitization when possible because it adds that extra layer of cleanliness in a more efficient way than older traditional methods.

air duct sanitization infographic1. It’s More Effective Than Older Traditional Fogging Systems

Traditional fogging machines will spray mist into the home and can leave residue on surfaces. We wanted a system that’s not only effective, but leaves less to clean up afterwards (if any). Our SaniJet system tools and cleaner are designed to reach further through the duct system without having the need to spray into the house from the ducts. The SaniJet saves a lot of time trying to clean vents. Conventional foggers fill the vents with aerosol cleaning chemicals from a single point, then rely on your HVAC to spread them throughout the house. The problem with this is that the HVAC blows most of the chemicals out through the vents. Not a whole lot of it settles in the vents themselves. They may give the rest of your house a good clean – maybe – but they don’t effectively coat the vents at all, leaving them at best still partially contaminated.

2. It’s Faster

Our SaniJet system is an attachment we stick on the end of our equipment after we’ve cleaned out dust and debris. Rather than have a large piece of equipment that can get stuck, our hoses reach much farther faster and have the job done in less time.  Don’t wait around to get back to your daily business!  Get back to your day right away!

3. The Reports Are That It Works

We ask every client for feedback. Most of our clients report improvements in the smell right away or rather the lack of smell in most cases. The SaniJet uses its own air pressure system to spray the mist directly onto the walls of your vents rather than relying on the HVAC to spread it. That means the system ensures you get a complete coating on the entire ventilation system.

4. It’s Safe

Another problem with some conventional foggers is that it blows most of the chemicals out through the vents . . . into the air you currently need to breathe. If you use a conventional fogger to sanitize your air ducts, you’re going to need to have everyone out of the house for an hour or two while the chemicals settle out of the air. You also need to check the chemicals are safe to avoid breathing in potentially harmful cleaners.

We avoid both of these issues. We use a sanitizing spray that is safe around children and pets. Since we’re not using the HVAC, it doesn’t blow chemicals out into the air. We turn the HVAC off during the process so nothing gets sprayed out into the house. You don’t have to leave your home, just leave your HVAC off for a little while. We recommend waiting for up to 15 minutes until you turn your HVAC on again.  Usually we’re able to do that for you in the time it takes for us to put our equipment away.

5. It Saves You Money

Our SaniJet can save our customers money. Since we can do it pretty quickly, you don’t get charged for a lot of extra hours while we clean it up. We know that it pays to invest well into a home or office and that includes maintaining it. We also don’t believe in having to charge an arm or a leg to make that possible. It’s not all about saving money, it’s about being efficient and we do our best to be an affordable solution that’s well worth the investment.

easy breezy pros logoAir Duct Sanitization Is Now Available

Now that we have our SaniJet sanitization tools, we can offer quick, affordable air duct sanitization that doesn’t require you to leave your home or office while we do it. As a protection against spreading the Covid virus, this is an excellent service we’re happy to to provide our customers. If you need your air ducts cleaned and sanitized, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll get you all cleaned and ready to go.
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