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4 Most Noticeable Improvements After Air Duct Cleaning

Sep 1, 2020 | air ducts, cleaning

Quality of Life Improvements

two people enjoying the clean air in their own homeNobody ever does something unless they think it will improve their life. Everything we do should either directly or indirectly improve the quality of life for us. Whether it’s working a job to make money we need to buy things that improve our life, or upgrading our homes to make life more comfortable, the purpose is improvement. So, what quality of life improvements do our customers notice when we clean their air ducts?

1. Air Smells Fresher

The first improvement people notice when we clean their air ducts is the fresher air in their house. When we clean out your air ducts, we remove all the dust inside it that your ducts are blowing around your house. With clean ducts, you get cleaner air circulated through your home. You can smell the difference right away, as many of our customers report.

2. Less Dust

Following right on the heels of fresher air, removing all the dust from your ventilation system means there’s less of that dust being blown around in the air. As a result, you’ll have less dust in your house. Our customers report that it’s most noticeable on TVs and other devices with screens. Dust is super visible on a screen when it’s turned off. Customers report that they can see how much less dust is building up just by how much is on the screens. It makes cleaning them off easier, too.

3. Better Air Flow From The HVAC

One of the three major reasons for having your air ducts cleaned is that it improves the performance of the HVAC system. As dust builds up in your HVAC system, it constricts the air flow and forces the system to work harder to get the same results. Modern HVAC systems have good filters on them, so the process can sometimes be so slow that you don’t notice it while it’s happen.

However, our customers have reported that they notice after we’ve cleaned the air ducts. With the dust removed, the air flows freely again. Our customers have told us that sometimes they have to turn the temperature up because their system is putting out so much air now that it actually makes their homes cold. Now that’s a noticeable difference!

4. Better Sleep At Night

Many sleep problems we suffer from come from breathing trouble. In the past 25 years, sleep apnea, a condition where we stop breathing during sleep for extended periods of time, has become more prevalent. While sleep apnea won’t be fixed by cleaning your ducts, problems like allergies might. If you have dust allergies, the dust in the air might cause swelling in your nasal passage and throat, making it more difficult to breathe. Even if you don’t have allergies, dust can irritate your respiratory tract, making it harder to fall asleep, and possibly wake you up during the night.

Some of our customers have reported that after we clean their air ducts, they experience better sleep. Removing the dust from their ventilation systems means less dust floating around the room while you’re sleeping. With cleaner air comes easier breathing, and that makes for easier sleeping.

Breathe Easy!

The exact results of air duct cleaning will vary. Depending on how good your HVAC system and its filters are (modern HVAC systems are much better), and how long it’s been since you cleaned them, the exact level of difference you’ll notice differs from one home to the next. Nonetheless, our customers have reported that they do notice the difference. Dust in the air is never good. While you can’t get rid of it all, cleaning your air ducts is a good way to significantly bring down the levels of dust in your home. Coupled with regular cleaning on your own, air duct cleaning once every year or two can lead to some noticeable quality of life improvements.

Call Today!

If you’ve been noticing a lot of dust in your home, even though you’ve been cleaning it regularly, you might be due for an air duct cleaning. Get in touch with us today! We’ll get right out there and give your ventilation system a thorough cleaning.  You’ll see the improvements in no time. You’ll be breathing easy in no time!


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