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10 Summer Maintenance Items You Must Do

Jul 5, 2023 | air duct cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, home maintenance

Summer Maintenance is Important

Spring cleaning may be done, but that doesn’t mean the work is all done. When it comes to keeping your home in shape, there are some summer maintenance items you should make sure you get done as well. We’ve put together a list to help you make sure you get it all done. Just don’t try to do it all at once, or you’ll have an exhausting weekend.


1. The Driveway

If you want your driveway to look good and stay in good condition, it will need washing and sealing. Power washing videos became a strange trend on Youtube a few years back, but power washers are one of the most effective way to clean hard surfaces. It will do a great job of removing old stains, like oil from your car, while getting debris out of cracks and spaces. Once you’ve finished, you can apply a sealant to help prevent future stains.

2. Home Exterior

Your home exterior could probably use some cleaning, too. If you can see brown or green stains on your siding, that’s a good sign you’ve gone too long without giving it a wash. Vinyl siding on your home can become delicate as it ages, so you may not be able to use a power washer. In that case, you’ll need to clean it off with unpowered tools.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to give the windows a wash. After the windows are washed, you might consider adding a UV filter film to the windows to prevent the sunlight from fading your carpet and furniture.

3. The Roof Area

You’ll want to check your roof for any damage. Damage to the roof can raise the cost of your home insurance – and in at least one case we know if, an insurance company denied insurance because of said damage, forcing them to not only repair it, but switch insurance companies. It also let in water, which will do even more damage to your home, so don’t wait on this if it needs fixing.

While you’re up there, you should also clean the gutters. If they don’t get regular cleaning, they clog up and stop working. This is true even if you have gutter guards. In fact, gutter guards not only have the same problem, but are harder to clean, costing you even more money. It seems like it would be better not to have them in most cases.

Fixing your tools is an important part of summer maintenance4. Tool Maintenance

It’s easy to jump into your yard work without doing the summer maintenance on your tools. We’ve all been there, but a bit of maintenance will improve their lifespan. You should take some time to do maintenance on your yard care tools. Clean the mower blades, remove dried, compressed grass and weeds from the interior, sharpen the blades, etc. You should also consider applying rust remover, as the rust build-up on tools can make them less efficient. You may also need to change the oil and spark plugs, or other tasks depending on the tool. Check the user’s manual on your tools to see if there’s anything you overlooked.

5. Sporting Equipment

Summer is when we all like to have fun. Do you own sporting equipment? Jet skis, boats, ATVs, or anything like that? Before you bring them out for your summer vacations, you should give them a thorough cleaning and check over for repairs they may need. Batteries often need to be recharged and tires may need to be refilled. Getting it done now will be one less thing between you and your fun when it’s time for vacation.

If that’s already been done, be sure that after taking them out for fun, you clean them up afterward. Don’t forget to check for possible leaks. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in the middle of somewhere with dead equipment. That’ll really ruin your fun.


6. Deep Clean Your Storage

You’ve probably got a lot of stuff in storage in either your basement or attic. Now is a good time to go through it. Stuff builds up over time and clutter can have a negative impact on your mental health, not to mention all the dust that gathers in ignored places. Go through your storage and see what’s in it. There’s probably lots of things you have that you never use and can afford to get rid of. A yard sale can pull in some extra money for you, or you can always donate it.

Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll find regular cleaning much easier.


Your heating and air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to stay in good condition. If you haven’t had it done recently, you should get in touch with your HVAC dealer and have them do a tune-up and look over the system.

While you’re at it, we can help you clean out your air ducts. The dust in your air ducts may get drawn into the HVAC, which will create friction that reduces the efficiency of the system as well as wearing it out faster. You should also check the air filters on your vents, as those need to be changed regularly.  Many of our clients have mentioned that after duct cleaning, it’s easier to cool the home. If you want to stay cooler this summer, thinking about how long it’s been since you’ve done a duct cleaning. If it’s been more than 3 years, you may want to get on our schedule.

Don’t forget to check the air filters on your vents, either. Those need to be changed out regularly. We recommend putting the replacement date for the filter on the filter itself, kind of like an oil change sticker and mark it on your calendar. That way, you won’t forget.

carpet cleaning in northern Utah8. Carpet Cleaning

We always recommend you clean your carpets twice a year, with the best times being early spring and mid-fall. That said, if you haven’t done it yet, it’s not to late to get to it now. At Easy Breezy Pros, we have a perfected step-by-step process that we follow to make sure you get the best cleaning job out there.

9. Clean The Fans

You might use fans to give yourself some extra cool. Your ventilation system also uses fans to help move air around the house for circulation. If these get dusty, then running them is just going to blow that dust into your home and that can be a breathing nightmare, with or without allergies. Make sure you clean them out. Just remember to power them off when you do to avoid accidents.

10. Get The Hidden Spots

Your major appliances, like your oven, washer, dryer, and fridge, don’t move much. That means that a lot of dust can build up under them. Since you’re working on everything else, you should probably pull those out and clean up the hidden dust. You won’t see the results much once you put them back, but you’ll definitely feel the difference. You’ll find a lot less dust bunnies around the house for sure.

Bonus! Remember To Take Some Time For Yourself

As a reminder, make sure to schedule your summer maintenance items over multiple weeks.  We all want to enjoy the summer, but overdoing it will just exhaust you. Spacing it out will allow you time to for a BBQ, a weekend excursion, or some other fun times. Remember, you want to have fun this summer!

Let Us Help You Breathe Easy!

When it comes to duct cleaning, vent cleaning, or carpet cleaning, you won’t find anyone better than Easy Breezy anywhere in Cache Valley. If you have any need of these services as you do your summer maintenance work, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’ll be happy to help you out.