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Springtime Brings Allergy Problems

Apr 12, 2022 | air duct cleaning, air ducts, cleaning

Duct Cleaning Can Help With Allergies

Spring is in the air. Unfortunately, so are all the things that come with spring, and I’m not talking about young love. Well, not just that, anyway. I’m talking about allergies. Spring is when all the most common allergies hit the worst. At Easy Breezy Ducts, we hear all about it, because reducing allergies is one of the most recognizable benefits of duct cleaning. Even the EPA, which hesitates to give definitive answers to most questions, recommends duct cleaning for people with strong allergies.

What Are Allergies?

Allergies are a side-effect of our immune system. Our immune system is supposed to protect us from harmful, foreign bodies, but to do that, it has to identify threats. When it identifies a threat, it creates antibodies to target it for destruction or expulsion by the rest of our body’s defenses. The problem is that sometimes our system can identify something as a threat when it isn’t. This can cause inflammation, rashes, or even more serious conditions like anaphylaxis.

The Most Common Allergies We See In Spring

seasonal allergies make it hard to breathe easyWhen it comes to duct cleaning, there are certain allergies we see more than others. Bee stings might sometimes cause allergic reactions, but we don’t usually find beehives in ducts (although we have found a wasp nest or two). What we tend to see are particle based allergens, such as:

1. Pollen

The biggest springtime allergy problem. Mid to late spring is when plants begin to open their buds for pollination. People who have pollen allergies are most likely to experience them this time of year. If ducts haven’t been properly filtered, pollen can get into the ducts and spread throughout the house.

2. Mold

Unlike plants, mold can be active all year round, but here in Cache Valley (and other places, too), spring is the best growing time. The temperature has warmed up, the weather is more damp, and the melting snow can cause flooding in some homes. This creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive, especially in dark basement areas. When mold starts spreading its spores, it can get into ducts and spread throughout the house.

Signs of mold is another time when the EPA absolutely recommends duct cleaning, as mold can be a severe health issue depending on its class, not just a problem for people with allergies.

3. Dust

This one’s really always a problem, because it’s always building up. Dust is the build-up of dead skin and hair cells, which you body always sheds. You can have problems with dust at any time of the year, but in spring, it becomes a bigger problem because it mixes with other allergens.

4. Pet Dander

Pet dander is similar to dust, but it comes from animals that shed hair more frequently. It can provide a stronger allergic reaction than regular dust. Both pet dander and dust can be a spring problem because you’re just coming off the long cold period of winter. Both you and your pets have spent more time inside, so there’s more in your home than usual. Additionally, many pets have winter coats that they shed in the spring, leaving you with more dander than usual.

air duct cleaning before and afterAdd Duct Cleaning to Your Spring Cleaning List

Spring cleaning is a regular tradition because of its necessity. Once winter ends, you’ve got all that build-up of dirt and grime from everybody spending time indoors. Since you’re going to be cleaning now anyway, you might as well add duct cleaning to your chore list.

Duct cleaning is not a regular need for people who don’t suffer from allergies. Under normal circumstances, a properly sealed and filtered HVAC and duct system will only need to be cleaned once every three years. For people with allergies, however, regular duct cleaning can help reduce the symptoms.

If you’ve been having problems with your allergies, consider giving us a call. We’ve got the tools to clean your ducts. Since we don’t use hard brushes, we can clean any kind of ducts you have, even flex ducts. We’ll get the job done right. Get a hold of us today to schedule an appointment.


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